We believe the place to start when it comes to what you want to do is with the emotions you want to satisfy.  Even though construction might seem to be unemotional, in fact, the result most people want is based heavily on the emotional response the finished project elicits. We are not discounting the many practical concerns that must be taken into consideration and we will go into those as well but the emotional component is where we believe everyone should start and needs to be addressed in the beginning of the process.

Let’s illustrate this with a typical residential remodel project such as an interior change to an entrance.  We suggest the first consideration should be the emotions that you, your family and guests want to experience when the remodeled entry is complete.  For some, the new entry needs to make a dramatic statement which might imply a significant volume such as higher ceilings.  For others, the desired effect of the remodeled entry might be to make guests feel comfortable, inviting, non-threatening.  For this emotional result, high ceilings in the entry might not be appropriate and an effort to make the entry space have (or appear to have) less volume more appropriate.

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