Projects that can usually be handled without a General Contractor are those that only involve one trade or specialty area.  For example, a roof project typically does not need a General Contractor.  However, sometimes even what appears to be a simple one trade project can easily grow and the services of a General Contractor become essential.  For example, many homes have the air conditioning condenser or a combination air conditioning and heating system located on their roof.  Roofers will usually not be willing to temporarily move these units but they will not warranty their work unless the units are moved.  HVAC (heating and air conditioning specialists) workers may be willing to move and replace the units but may not address potential weatherproofing issues associated with their original location or how they were installed.  It is even possible that new platforms for this equipment may need to be built before the equipment is returned.  The General Contractor can serve as an informed “referee” between the roofer and HVAC workers.  Based on their experience, they can properly advise the client on what additional work needs to be done, what additional work is optional and what additional work is unnecessary.   The General Contractor can also decide the sequence in which the different trades should do their work for your best results.  This is an important advantage because sometimes the individual trades will want to do the work in the sequence that provides them with the best profit not necessarily the client with the best results especially if another trade is involved.  It happens sometimes that the additional costs of the General Contractor end up lower than the costs the client might have spent on additional work that was not necessary.


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