The advantage this contractor should have is that the time consuming activities we just finished describing can now be done at one time by the same crew.  This greatly reduces the extra cost associated with small jobs.  The disadvantage is that often the end result is better if an expert who specializes in only one type of work is used.  Balancing the cost savings against the end quality received is really a decision each client needs to make. 


The difference we hope is that after reading our explanation, you now understand the issues involved and so you can make a fully informed decision.  For example, plumbing activities may be less costly if they are performed by the same crew that does the framing and drywall work around the plumbing.  However, many plumbing tasks are complicated and even if the multitalented team can do the plumbing to code and pass inspections, they may not utilize the best techniques in providing low maintenance or highest functionality for the finished result due to their lack of technical expertise.  And sometimes, the cost savings in the one team approach may be outweighed by the expert plumber who knows how to get the work done with less material and effort and can actually finish the task for less cost as a result.


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