Before you are finished with the project details, it is a good idea to give some consideration as to how you would furnish either the new or reworked space. Will you need new furnishings or use existing? Don’t forget how you will use the space; for yourselves, for guests and any other uses that you think might apply now or in the future. You may want to also consider how other people might want to use and furnish the space in the future should you desire or need to sell the property. We realize that a detail layout of furnishings is usually not possible until plans are developed so our recommendation at this stage is just to identify the furnishings you would like to see fit into each space. For example, if your new family room needs to accommodate a pool table (assuming this requirement is possible for the budget you have in mind – see later on), then this detail should be documented.

We know of at least one significant remodel project in which the issue of interior furnishings was not considered until after the remodel work was mostly complete. Unfortunately, an important interior furnishing required more height and as a result, the entire roof structure of the home had to be removed and rebuilt at a greater height. Of course, this involved a considerable additional expense, time delay and overall frustration for both the client and contractor. This issue could have easily been prevented had our first steps been implemented.


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