• How occupants travel from the existing structure to the new portions?
  • How will people inside the new portions get to the outside of the building; through the existing or with new exits?
  • Are noise considerations between the new and existing areas of importance?
  • What about views through windows? Not only should consideration be made to the view from any new windows but what about the view from existing windows (and doors if they can be seen through)? For example, we have seen many residential additions where no consideration was made for the view from an existing window and the end result was that some windows in the existing home ended up looking directly at a wall whereas before they offered a pleasing view. Often such a simple issue as this can be overlooked with disappointing results.
  • Will the roof line need to be changed? If so, will the desired improvement create an unappealing new roof configuration? You may not be able to make this determination at this time which is fine. This concern can be raised to your plan developer to make sure that it is resolved early in the plan design process.

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