You should advise the winning contractor that you intend to have them do the work after you have reviewed their contract.  Many clients skip this all important step and think that the proposal they have been evaluating is the contract.  In most cases this should not be true.  Don’t forget to advise all of the other contractors that you selected someone else.  We know this is hard to do (and often not done) but it is the right thing to do and can be done professionally be simply sending them an email and thanking them for their efforts. 

You do not need to tell them who won or for what cost and so forth.  In fact we do not recommend providing additional information beyond that they did not win the project otherwise you may end up in a prolonged effort by these other contractors to try and change your mind.  If you have made your decision, we suggest you move on.  You may want to wait to inform other contractors until you have actually signed the contract of the contractor you have selected just in case the contract is not acceptable.  This happens quite often so having a runner up is also good.

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