Some properties are located on streets that allow large delivery trucks to travel to the property, park either on the property or directly in front and afford easy material delivery.  However, there are properties located in hills or on unimproved roads that make delivery only possible in smaller vehicles.  

For some properties, the physical location of the structure is away from the street and the access road to the physical structure does not permit any material delivery at all.  In these situations, all materials have to be moved by hand labor or using small vehicles that must first be transported to the property.  Depending on how limited the access, the additional cost for material delivery can range from trivial to doubling or more the cost of the material.  Not only do material costs increase for these types of properties but labor costs can be higher too.  

Most construction work involves heavy and costly tools to get the right results.  While some of these tools can easily be carried even several hundred feet to where they are needed some will require time and extra effort to haul up and down a hill or a significant distance from the vehicle they arrived in.

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