Designers and contractors typically cost less.  The cost to develop plans also depends on the detail level provided in the plans.  While we recommend the minimal detail necessary to obtain a permit, some clients want cabinet configurations, tile layout and many details worked out on the plans.  This adds to the cost.

There are advantages to having these details on the plans in that bidders can be held more strictly to their bids without the risk of legitimate additional charges.  The disadvantages to having extra details on plans (other than their cost to produce), is that often clients decide to change these details once construction starts.  It is for this reason that we do not believe the additional cost of providing these details is worth it.  However, if a client truly is able to keep to the decisions they make when these details are developed, they can reduce extra costs and speed up construction.

One other reason that we recommend against extra details other than the minimum required for permitting is that sometimes building inspectors will demand that these details be carried out even if they are not building code requirements.  While this may not be correct, to override the building inspector typically involves a meeting with other community officials along with research and preparation for this meeting.  This adds cost and may delay the project.  In our experience, the additional cost of getting a building inspector’s demands overridden makes these extra details not worth the effort.

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