In larger jobs, the small job issue reverses and contractors that use specialists can often not only deliver better quality but for less cost.  The reason for this is that specialists can typically get materials for less (they buy lots of the same material all the time and receive volume discounts), they have made the investment in all of the specialty tools that improve quality and these tools along with experienced workers allows less labor to be involved, often even when the higher costs of the specialty labor is factored in.  


A good example of this small job versus large job costing issue can be explored when it comes to drywall.  For any job involving drywall, before the work can start the specific materials must be on the job.  Drywall work involves sheets of material (usually either 4’ by 8’ or 4’ by 12’), the material used to fill the gaps between sheets and cover nail / screw holes and other specific items.  As this material is heavy and bulky, it is costly to bring more material than is needed but running out of material stops work and may be an even more costly error.  Experienced contractors will always carefully inspect the job site and calculate the amount of material they know they must have.  They will also consider the costs involved in getting this material to the job, setup and cleaning.


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