We purposely do not discuss what to do if your Construction Budget is too high as clearly you simply spend less.  But when the Construction Budget is too low, which is a frequent occurrence, you do have some options.  Your first thought might be to look for a contractor that will agree to do the full scope of work for the original construction budget you have now determined to be unrealistic.  While it is possible your estimated budget is too high, it is more likely that it is too low.  If economic times are hard when you are getting quotes, it may be possible to find a contractor who will give you a bid that matches your original low budget but we strongly suggest against this approach.  In almost all cases, when a contractor bids a project too low, they are either not experienced enough to do the work correctly or they are not honest (as discussed).  Either scenario is a problem.  And as we have seen all too often, if a client gets enough quotes, eventually one of them will be too low.  Please resist this approach and choose the method we outline below.  We have been asked many times to help fix the mess left from a contractor that underbid a project.  The end result is that the total project cost is far greater than it needed to be and the frustration for the client significant.  We often advise that trying to get $100 worth of work for $50 never ends well.


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