The next most common reason for more funds is for additional work that you decide to get completed during the project.  This additional work is not due to deficiency but rather this additional work is for convenience.

Often, even with careful planning, during the construction, you will discover more work that needs to be done.  Doing this extra work is not required but it makes more sense and it is typically less costly to do this additional work during the project.  For example, if the wall coverings (like drywall) have been removed and you were thinking that in the future you would like to have a speaker located next to the wall, it would be unwise not to add the necessary speaker cable while the wall is open and readily available to permit this additional work to take place (assuming you are not using a wireless solution).  The additional cost of adding speaker cable will be much lower under these circumstances and you may decide to do other tasks associated with future speakers such as adding an electrical outlet where you plan to terminate the speaker cable.


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